Let ‘A Ghost Story’ haunt your DVD shelf

That's Casey Affleck under the sheet in "A Ghost Story," a wrenching, elliptical story of longing and loss.
Film Critic

It’s fitting that David Lowery’s exquisitely beautiful “A Ghost Story” should arrive on disc in the month of October — not because it’s a horror film (it isn’t, exactly), but because its lead actor spends most of the movie trapped under a dime-store Halloween costume. That would be Casey Affleck, playing a Texas man who dies in a car accident and thereafter finds himself condemned to a lonely, sheet-clad existence.

You will laugh at first, but by the end you may be in awe. For most of the movie this silent apparition waits and wanders, often staring in helpless longing at his grieving wife (Rooney Mara), even as the passage of time shifts onto a more cosmic plane. The result is a wrenching, elliptical story of longing and loss that looks, moves and lingers like no other film this year.