Review: Quirky comedy ‘I Love You Both’ tests bond of unusually close siblings

Doug Archibald and Kristin Archibald in the film "I Love You Both."
(Magnolia Pictures)

Although “I Love You Both” never quite pays off on its provocative set-up, it proves to be a funny and endearingly quirky comedy about siblings, love and loyalty.

Krystal and Donny (real-life siblings and co-writers Kristin and Doug Archibald; Doug directed) are 28-year-old twins who live together in a small, offbeat Los Angeles house and spend their free time as a kind of symbiotic couple. If they seem to exist for and about each other, it’s in a way that’s more cozy than creepy.

Enter Andy (Lucas Neff), a cute, easygoing art teacher Krystal and Donny befriend who seemingly has an eye for each sibling. Over the course of several one-on-one dates with Andy, brother and sister find themselves romantically drawn to the charismatic guy, despite his mixed signals. That is, until the trio takes a road trip that defines Andy’s true intentions, tests the siblings’ allegiance, and makes Krystal and Donny rethink their codependent lifestyle.

The Archibalds’ deadpan turns and eccentric humor set a uniquely amusing tone, even if the story stays more chaste and elliptical than one might expect — or hope.


Enjoyably off-kilter supporting characters — the twins’ obtuse mother (Charlene Archibald, the filmmakers’ actual mom), Krystal’s nutty co-workers (Artemis Pebdani, Angela Trimbur) and self-absorbed ex-boyfriend (Justin Michael Terry), and musician Donnie’s fishy manager (David Pantsari) — add to the fun.


‘I Love You Both’

Not rated


Running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes

Playing: Laemmle Monica Film Center, Santa Monica; also on VOD

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