Watch: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt fall in love in space-romance ‘Passengers’

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in “Passengers,” a film about two people on a journey through space to a new home, awakened from suspended animation 90 years too early when their ship malfunctions.

What happens when you put the two of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood alone together in space? Something kind of amazing, apparently, if the newly released trailer for Sony’s “Passengers” is evidence.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, the sci-fi romance follows a young writer (Lawrence) and a mechanic (Pratt) who both decide to embark with roughly 5,000 others on a space journey that will take them to another planet.

The catch? The trip takes 120 years, and they have to remain in hibernation pods for the entire flight. Midway through the journey, however, each of the character’s pods malfunction, and they awake when there’s still a casual 90 years left on the trip.

Scenes from the Morten Tyldum-directed picture were shown at CinemaCon earlier this year. As depicted in that footage, and referenced in the trailer, Pratt’s character wakes up first, slowly realizing he’s the only one (besides an android bartender played by Michael Sheen) aboard the Starship Avalon who isn’t in his pod. One year and three weeks later, there’s J.Law, equally as perplexed as to why she’s been awakened.


Overwhelmed by the prospect of their possible demise, the pair start exploring the starship together. They go to the movies, share popcorn, go swimming and try on fancy clothes. Slowly, an attraction develops, and before you know it, she’s crawling over a cafeteria table to stick her tongue down his throat. Oh, fun. 

“Passengers” hits theaters just in time for Christmas, on Dec. 21. 

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