Brittany Murphy’s final film finally finished

(Hybrid Productions / AP)

Brittany Murphy died in December 2009, but her final film hasn’t seen the light of day.

When Murphy passed away at age 32, she had completed production of her last movie, “Something Wicked.” But because of her death — caused by pneumonia, iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication — the film’s post-production was delayed until this year.

Now the independent production directed by Darin Scott has finally been completed. However, since the film doesn’t have a distributor, it’s unclear when it will be seen by fans.

Described as a “suspenseful thriller about obsession and young love gone wrong,” the picture also stars Shantel VanSanten, Julian Morris, John Robinson and James Patrick Stuart.


This marks the second film this year that finally reached completion after the untimely death of its star. “Dark Blood,” a thriller starring River Phoenix, was in production when the 23-year-old actor died of drug-induced heart failure in 1993.

The movie remained uncompleted for 19 years before director George Sluizer managed to fill in the gaps with voiceover describing what was missing. It finally premiered in October at the Netherlands Film Festival, though it too is looking for a distributor.


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