Review: ‘That’s What She Said’ better left unsaid

“That’s What She Said” aspires to be yet another sisters-doing-it-for-themselves raunchfest itching — sometimes literally — to prove, if there’s any lingering doubt, that women can be just as stupid, selfish and sex-obsessed as men.

The result is a shrill and suffocating would-be comedy in which writer Kellie Overbey, adapting her stage play “Girl Talk,” and director Carrie Preston (an actress perhaps best known for her role on HBO’s “True Blood”) send a trio of wildly neurotic, ill-matched ladies flailing around Manhattan for a day of alleged bonding and female empowerment (even though all three are pining over lost men — huh?).

The central troika is comprised of the snarly Dee Dee (Anne Heche), who we know is tough because she smokes while brushing her teeth; the lumpy, needy Bebe (Marcia DeBonis), she of the unruly curls and pushy yeast infection; and Clementine (Alia Shawkat), the just-dumped sex addict and self-dubbed loser who gloms onto the other two as Bebe prepares for a questionable “big date.”

The unrelenting dopiness includes fistfights, catfights, fights in jail, fights in coffeehouses, a wayward sex toy and an awful haircut plus endless amounts of shrieking, self-pitying, invective-tossing and genital chatter. It’s all directed — and played — at fever pitch with an egregious disregard for real-world comportment.


Avoid this one like, well, a yeast infection.


“That’s What She Said.” MPAA rating: R for sexual content and language. Running time: 1 hour, 24 minutes. At Laemmle’s Music Hall, Beverly Hills.

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