‘After Tiller’: Oscilloscope picks up abortion doctors documentary

Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that they have picked up the documentary “After Tiller” for distribution in North America. Directed by Martha Shane and Lana Wilson, the film is an intimate, close look at the four doctors in the United States who perform third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of practitioner Dr. George Tiller.

Oscilloscope announced plans for a nationwide release followed by VOD, digital and home video platforms. The film recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will soon screen at the doc-oriented True/False Film Festival.


In a statement, the filmmakers said, “We made ‘After Tiller’ to shed more light, rather than more heat, on this issue, and know that Oscilloscope’s smart, sensitive approach will get it out to the widest audience possible.”

Oscilloscope announced earlier this week that it had acquired the drama “A Teacher,” which also premiered at Sundance.


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