Ben Affleck reveals what part of ‘Argo’ they had to invent [Video]

The dramatic real story behind “Argo” meant that director Ben Affleck had to invent very little to create cinematic drama. However, the movie wasn’t entirely without a little Hollywood-style jazzing up.

“I feel like in terms of historical norms, we probably fall right in the middle of the curve,” Affleck told the audience at the Envelope Screening Series. “The only piece of manufactured drama is the mini chase at the end.”

Affleck, who also starred in the film as CIA agent Tony Mendez, appeared on a panel alongside producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov. And both producers felt that the story was so great that it was already in the script when they first received it -- a rare occurrence in their Hollywood experience.

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Screenwriter Chris Terrio “delivered the best first draft of a script I’d ever read,” Heslov told the audience.

Clooney backed him up, revealing a bit of behind-the-scenes reality. “It’s sort of surprising when you get into the development phase of a film,” Clooney said. “You can hire a very expensive writer for a couple of million dollars and the first draft comes in and you think, ‘Who the hell wrote this? It’s terrible!’”

“I don’t get paid a couple million dollars,” Terrio managed to remind Clooney.



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