‘Fifty Shades’ team bound up in search for new Christian Grey

Setting another round of anticipation and speculation into gear, auditions have begun to recast the role of Christian Grey in the adaptation of E.L. James’ novel “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the Hollywood Reporter says.

Following the high-profile departure of actor Charlie Hunnam from the lead role as an S&M aficionado / billionaire, the filmmaking team has been forced to scramble in hopes of making the planned release date of August 2014. Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, the film’s screenplay is said to be in the process of being rewritten by Patrick Marber.

Actors Billy Magnussen and Jamie Dornan are said to have both read for the part opposite actress Dakota Johnson. Johnson was announced for the role at the same time as Hunnam and is apparently sticking by the part. (And the filmmakers are sticking by her.)

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The new opening for the role has set off quite the round of comedy among actors on Twitter.

Emile Hirsch (@EmileHirsch) posted a photo of himself in a Lone Ranger/bondage mask. Noah Segan declared “I am prepared to accept the role of Christian Slater in 50 Shades of Slater.” Seth Rogen (@SethRogen) put himself up for the part (more specifically a certain body part) in a manner unprintable here. Patton Oswalt (@PattonOswalt) accepted the role while asking, “Do they sell Spanx on Amazon?”


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