Gwyneth Paltrow strips in ‘Thanks for Sharing’ trailer

Gwyneth Paltrow in her skivvies is as good a reason as any to tune into the new trailer for “Thanks for Sharing,” the sex-addiction film starring Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins and pop star Pink, a.k.a. Alecia Beth Moore.

The feature film debut from “The Kids Are All Right” screenwriter Stuart Blumberg debuted at 2012’s Toronto Film Festival and was scooped up by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions for a September 2013 release date.

Cowritten by Matt Winston, “Sharing” tracks the lives of four sex addicts, played by Ruffalo, Robbins, Moore and Josh Gad (“Book of Mormon”). Paltrow has a supporting role in the film, playing the love interest to Ruffalo’s long-single character (or as many Marvel fans have noted: Pepper Potts is dating the Hulk).

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While the trailer has a feel-good vibe bolstered by the Imagine Dragons song “Demons,” the film treats sex addiction as a real disease, exploring its myriad temptations and letting the audience in on 12-step meetings.

In an interview at the Toronto festival Ruffalo said he found his character, Adam, who at the beginning of the film is five years sober and leading an almost monastic lifestyle, a big challenge.

“I almost find him grotesque in the beginning. He’s so staid and controlled and oddly phony. Then you see him get turned on and all of a sudden you see, ‘Oh, that’s Adam too.’ I wondered if, performance-wise, I could do that,” he said.

The film opens Sept. 12.


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