What’s the most overrated movie of 2013? [Poll]

On Thursday we asked which movie released this year deserved a lot more love than it received. On Friday the opposite, tougher version of the question: Which film was absurdly, ridiculously, undeservedly overpraised?

Our fourth-annual most-overrated poll has a wide range of choices, critical and commercial favorites that, according to our informal survey of fellow staffers and contacts, didn’t exactly merit all the affection showered on them. (Last year’s winner, for guidance purposes, was “The Avengers.”)

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So what will it be this year? Is it the space stylings of “Gravity,” as some argue? Summer comedy breakout “The Heat?” Sleeper genre tale “The Purge?”

Or maybe it’s an award-season contender--“Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” or the boatside drama of “Captain Phillips” or the equally nautical, if more taciturn, “All Is Lost”?


Vote in our poll below. We’ll have the results—and the dubious honors—next week.


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