Roger Corman launches YouTube Channel, “Corman’s Drive-In”


Legendary indie producer/director Roger Corman, who helmed such low-budget classics as 1960’s “Little Shop of Horrors” and 1961’s “The Pit and the Pendulum” and nurtured such Oscar-winning filmmakers as Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, is launching his own YouTube subscription channel on Thursday.

Corman and his wife producer Julie Corman have chosen 30 films from their vault of 400 films for the first month’s offering of “Corman’s Drive-In.”

Corman’s Drive-In” kicks off with Nicholson’s debut in 1958’s “The Crybaby Killer,” as well as “Little Shop of Horrors.”


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“I cast Jack [Nicholson] in his first few pictures,” said Roger Corman in a statement. “They’re some of his best performances. We’ll release those along with other cult classics and some modern titles. We’ll screen the best pictures from all six decades.”

“This is a brave new world,” added Julie Corman in a statement. “Roger has always been on the cutting-edge and how he’s paving the way for independent filmmakers by testing a new distribution platform. Streaming our films open them up to future generations.”

Among the other films featured in June are 1976’s “Eat My Dust,” starring Ron Howard, 1971’s “The Big Doll House” with Pam Grier,” 1978’s “Piranha,” directed by Joe Dante,” and the 1987 version of “Not of This Earth,” with Traci Lords.

Besides the 30 new titles available each month, “Corman’s Drive-In: will also feature sneak peaks of their upcoming productions and “Corman’s Take,” where the Cormans offers behind-the-scenes anecdotes and trivia.

The cost of the subscription programming service is $3.99 per month. “Corman’s Drive-In” will also offer a 14-day free trial subscription.



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