Jimmy Kimmel audience offers ‘Star Wars’ ideas to J.J. Abrams

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel has been all over the revival of the “Star Wars” franchise in the past month. First he cornered Harrison Ford, making the actor who played Han Solo confront his old pal Chewbacca over past grievances and transgressions involving the Wookie and Princess Leia.

Wednesday night Kimmel asked director J.J. Abrams, on the show to promote his “Star Trek Into Darkness,” about the course he might take with the next “Star Wars” movie, which he’s also set to helm. Abrams, playing along, cited a current state of writer’s block, saying he and his team were just “trying to figure it out right now” so they “don’t screw it up.”

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Kimmel asked Abrams if it might be helpful if he heard from some members of his studio audience who had some very specific ideas. After a couple of fanboys tentatively offered suggestions, Abrams heard from a couple of heavyweights.

We don’t know if their pitches would work in the upcoming “Star Wars” trilogy comprising Episodes 7 through 9, but a two-hour movie with nothing but Lando Calrissian and beautiful ladies “making love, sweet love in the galaxy” could work for one of those “Star Wars” standalone films Disney announced last month. A certain actor seems definitely available.


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