Sundance 2014: The making of Mike Cahill’s ‘I Origins’ [Video]

The cast of “I Origins” discuss their Sundance film.

In his first feature, 2011’s “Another Earth,” filmmaker Mike Cahill imagined a world where everyone had a doppelganger, albeit on another planet.

In his new Sundance Film Festival drama, “I Origins,” the writer-director takes his doppelganger fixation to a different realm — inside the human eye.

One of the most talked-about dramas at this year’s festival, “I Origins” focuses on a pair of young scientists (Michael Pitt and Brit Marling) who believe they have discovered something about the human eye, specifically the color and shape of the iris, that could transform the debate over intelligent design.

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Their laboratory findings ultimately take the film into an array of unexpected places as “I Origins” touches on fate, reincarnation, spirituality versus science and love. 

Thefilm also includes an absurdly difficult hunt for a child in India, where much of the film’s latter stages unfold.

“I Origins” was bought by Fox Searchlight for about $3 million, a bold bet given that the studio was unable to sell many tickets for “Another Earth.”  

Here is a video interview with Cahill, Pitt and Marling about the making of the film, recorded at the Los Angeles Times Studio.



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