I’m a 27-year-old single guy, and I’m meeting Taylor Swift!

I am 27 years old. I am single. And I have a portrait of Taylor Swift hanging in my bathroom.

I once owned a cardboard cutout of Taylor that I disposed of only when she began getting weak at the knees.

At one concert, I went so crazy for my crush that Taylor's dad picked me out of the crowd and gave me a special guitar pick.

I guess that helps explain why I was once crowned a finalist in a nationwide “biggest fan” contest that drew thousands of applications. (Read Matt's application)

And today I’m going to Taylor’s first “1989” show in L.A. — alone.

How do you get to the point where you’re unapologetically giving a presentation on how “Love Story” alludes to the source text for Romeo and Juliet in your Shakespeare seminar?

You start down a bad path at age 6 by singing Spice Girls songs in an attempt to lure the cute girl next door. The Spice Girls lead to Britney Spears, then Avril Lavigne, then Kelly Clarkson. Then you get a mix CD from a friend with “Our Song” on it and fall instantly for this cute, spunky country girl who can actually write.

Being a hopelessly romantic English major, you fall for Taylor’s tales of heartbreak. You hear “You Belong With Me,” and it resonates so hard it hurts.

Then you look up one day and you realize you’re a 27-year-old single guy going to a Taylor Swift concert by yourself.

I’ll be tweeting, snapping and writing from inside and outside Staples Center — hoping you all will keep me company. I’ll introduce you to all the other huge Swifties I meet. And since it’s always been hard for me to explain exactly why I love Taylor so much, I’m also going to ask everyone else and tell you what they say.

I’ll also be on the lookout for other dudes like me — unashamed, awesome fans who love Taylor and don’t mind showing up solo. Fans who are “Fearless,” who have “Style” and are looking to write their own “Love Story.”