Pitbull headed to Alaska Wal-Mart after online meme exiles him

Pack up the snowshoes, rustle up the Siberian shepherds, and put on the ski goggles: Pitbull is headed to Alaska. After the mega-retailer Wal-Mart announced a contest to sponsor a Pitbull appearance at the store location in their chain with the most Facebook “likes,” a community of smart alecks banded together to exile the Miami-born Cuban American to one of the most obscure locations in the company’s vast chain: Kodiak, Alaska, which sits on Kodiak Island just south of the Alaskan mainland and is, according to the writer who started the movement, “bear infested.”

That writer, David Thorpe, took to Twitter, Facebook, and other media outlets to plant the seed, and on Tuesday it was announced that Kodiak had won (lost?), earning more than 71,000 votes, and that Pitbull would indeed be visiting.

Pitbull, in fact, released a YouTube clip from a tour stop in Madrid that confirmed the results. Acknowledging that the journey was the result of “someone who thinks he was playing a prank,” Pitbull accepted the results and will head north. “You gotta understand that I would go anywhere in the world for my fans,” he said diplomatically, ignoring the fact that it wasn’t his fans who sent him to the remote location.

A date has yet to be confirmed, but looking at Kodiak’s 10-day forecast, Pitbull would be advised to harness those dogs and hit to trail: It’s supposed to be partly sunny and 66 degrees through the end of July.

Full disclosure: I voted to send Pitbull to Kodiak, so I had a dog in this race.



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