Miguel parties with panache in 'The Thrill' video

We've had our eye on the young, L.A.-based R&B; futurist Miguel for a while now. But it appears that he's finally having his moment in the critical spotlight, with a best new music badge from Pitchfork for his ravishing new album, "Kaleidoscope Dreams."

In the video for his latest single, "The Thrill," Miguel hits all the high points of the rising-star life: pool parties, packed clubs and general bonhomie. (Watch the video below.)

But it's all filmed in a sleek, detached black and white that makes the revelry seem a little distant. In fact, that's a pretty good visual metaphor for Miguel's newer music from "Dreams" and his three-part series of EPs, "Art Dealer Chic." "The Thrill" pairs bone-dry electric guitars reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac with a jittery kick drum sample and a whole lot of reverb -- a spacious showcase for Miguel's pristine pipes. 

His sound has all the minimal spookiness of "PBR&B;" peers such as the Weeknd and AlunaGeorge, but he's toured with Usher and has major-label muscle angling to get him on big stages. Here's hoping he gets there and stays there.


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