Billy Idol to play Seattle fan’s birthday party and fundraiser

Michael Henrichsen will trade a poster for the real deal, when Billy Idol plays a concert Friday to raise money for charity and celebrate Henrichsen's birthday.
(Ted S. Warren / Associated Press)
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It took Michael Henrichsen of Seattle two years, a website campaign and a few friends and celebrities to assist his cause.

But the payoff will come Friday when Billy Idol -- yes, that Billy Idol -- will turn up to play a charity fundraising concert and celebrate Henrichsen’s birthday, all because Henrichsen decided that getting Idol to play at your birthday bash was a crazy idea that just might come true.

According to reports, Henrichsen got the idea of trying to book the British pop-punk rocker after hearing the song “White Wedding” playing at the clothing store where Henrichsen worked. The 26-year-old figured that landing Idol not only would be a kick but also might help boost his resume for future employment in public relations or the entertainment field.


With a friend’s help, Henrichsen designed a website, rounded up celebrity endorsements from the likes of musician Rick Springfield and porn star Ron Jeremy, and put together a Billy Idol cover band to raise money for charity, which benefits the local hunger relief organization Northwest Harvest and the American Red Cross.

After a couple false starts, Idol and his band agreed to take part in the Oct. 26 gig in Seattle. Henrichsen’s reported response to the good news? A rebel yell, of course.


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