Weekend mixtape: The Pharcyde collides with Tribe Called Quest

Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

On the heels of the recent “Paul’s Boutique” deconstruction by DJs Food, Cheeba, and Moneyshot comes a similarly designed mash-up mix by Gummy Soul that merges 1990s New York City with 1990s Los Angeles to create “Bizarre Ride: A Quest to the Pharcyde.”

Like the Beastie Boys’ collection that dropped a few weeks back, which reverse-engineered the samples on group’s classic record to draw a different design within a similar framework, the creator of “Bizarre Ride,” DJ Amerigo Gazaway, exhumed original samples from classic Tribe Called Quest instrumentals and mixed them in with original rhymes from their West Coast kindred spirits, the Pharcyde.

Here’s how Gummy Soul describes the endeavor: “Utilizing the original jazz, soul and funk recordings sampled throughout A Tribe Called Quest’s extensive catalogue, Gazaway recreates classic productions – pairing his reinterpreted instrumentals with select vocals from West Coast ‘golden era’ favorites, the Pharcyde.”


Gazaway’s also responsible for last year’s half-hour Fela Kuti/De La Soul mash-up, “Fela Soul,” which featured Nigerian bandleader Kuti’s music merged with De La Soul a capellas. That’s worth your time too, but it’s nowhere near as exciting than hearing the Pharcyde’s Fatlip, Imani and Slimkid3 shining in a different context from track to track.

Alas, there are a few too many cuss words for us to embed the collection, this being a family blog and all, but it’s one click away away to hear, and a few clicks away for a download that will certainly make the weekend roll a little more smoothly. (Hat tip: Vulture)


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