Watch Jimmy Kimmel skewer Coachella pretenders

Sure, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival offers enough music for every fan -- despite whatever gripes purists have about the year’s lineup -- but the festival has become just as good for people-watching.

And not just innocuous gaping at the attention-seeking outfits or the gloriously sun-kissed taut bodies wearing next to nothing – the festival grounds is a hotbed for an array of archetypes that are easy to make fun of, especially the folks who, as a reader commented, “go to be seen - to show their friends that they are ‘cool’ (which they most assuredly are NOT).”

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“Music fans in general love knowing about bands that no one else has ever heard of,” Jimmy Kimmel said as he introduced a Coachella edition of his “Lie Witness News,” a segment on his ABC late-night show that perfectly makes fun of people’s desperation to be in the know – and their willingness to just fake it in order to get on TV.

Kimmel sent a camera crew to Indio to gauge festivalgoers’ interest in those obscure bands that get washed out by headlines – bands that were, in fact, “so obscure that they do not exist.”


They targeted our favorite Coachella archetypes to ridicule (girls in those dumb flower crowns sold on the side of the road outside festival grounds, white guys in Native American headdresses and face paint and the fashionistas that won’t let the heat keep them from wearing couture).

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All of the bands, minus Two Door Cinema Club (although the reporter completely made up the name of their album to stump a guy), had the sort of obscurity that could have been known by the in-the-know or written about in the deep confines of Pitchfork.

Kimmel’s cameras asked fans if they were excited to see bands like Get the ... Out of My Pool, the Chelsea Clintons and the Obesity Epidemic on Coachella. None were on the bill -- or existed.

“I just like their whole style. Their whole genre is great,” said one guy about his plans to catch the Obesity Epidemic. “They are very innovative, and they’re new.”

Hopefully someone can create the Chelsea Clintons and get on next year’s bill?

Have a good laugh at the action below:

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