One Direction 'skis' and 'surfs' in goofy 'Kiss You' video

Perhaps the best part of being a fan of One Direction is that it's not so unlike being a member of One Direction.

Less than three years into their lives together, these five British boys -- Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, all of whom met in 2010 as contestants on England's "X Factor" -- still seem totally stoked on the pop-star experience, their aw-shucks exuberance so far undimmed by the paranoia and resentment that fame seems inevitably to foster.

Case in point? The video for the band's latest single, "Kiss You," which hit YouTube on Monday afternoon.

A series of purposely low-rent, green-screen setups that depicts the band skiing, surfing and steering a convertible down what appears to be Mulholland Drive, the clip sounds in description like an obligatory throwaway -- something to keep the buzz machine busy while the lads are hiding out on Ibiza.

Yet that's not how One Direction plays it.

Rather than simply going through the motions, the group looks to be having a genuinely great time -- especially Styles, who recently lit up gossip columns with reports of a real-life ski trip with his maybe-girlfriend Taylor Swift. The enthusiasm continues unabated through an ultra-goofy jailhouse-rock bit in which the members are required to pull off the kind of choreography they've for the most part disdained.

Is this what entertainers refer to as acting? Could be, sure. But those smiles (and Malik's borderline-crazy eyes) suggest pleasure of the kind understood by One Direction's hopelessly devoted. Watch "Kiss You" below and decide for yourself.


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