Friday coda: Wu-Tang, Busta vs. Toyota, JB, Stevie Nicks and more

Friday coda: Wu-Tang, Busta vs. Toyota, JB, Stevie Nicks and more
Busta Rhymes brags about his "Swagger Wagon" in this ridiculous new ad for Toyota. (Toyota)

Funky drummers, ravers, Detroit rockers, Wu-Tang, Busta Rhymes and his bad decision, a new Stevie Nicks song. Below, the week that happened.

-- Looking for an ace weekend soundtrack? Find it on SoundCloud, where the great DJ and producer Pete Rock has crafted a James Brown mix that blends originals, samples, a capellas and enough Godfather of Soul grooves to energize whatever your plans.


In celebration of the new James Brown biopic "Get On Up," Rock, who has worked with hundreds of artists including Michael Jackson, Kanye West & Jay Z, Nas, Mary J. Blige and Scritti Politti (!), bumps through the soul singer's hits and misses, including the miraculous many iterations of Clyde Stubblefield's "Funky Drummer" beat. Artists featured include Rob Base, Chubb Rock, Das EFX and a few dozen others. Listen or download: James Brown mix by Pete Rock

-- In addition to sounding like a future Mountain Goats classic, the title of Gawker's post pretty much nails it: "Host of Western Michigan's Biggest Rave Has No Regrets." A dude in the Michigan sticks had a party with two DJs, "fire-throwers," strippers and go-go dancers. Two thousand people showed up. What's the big deal, he wondered to a local TV station regarding the subsequent outrage. "I didn't force anything down anybody's throat. I didn't make anybody stay here until 7 a.m., or 11, or whenever it was when everybody left."

In the clip, he then points down at a motionless body. "I didn't make this kid pass out on my floor. People wanted to be here. That was their decision." Exactly. Watch it. (via Gawker)

-- Speaking of Michigan, one of the best rock records of the year so far was put out by Detroit band Protomartyr. This week Spin magazine's David Bevan profiled Joe Casey, the band's singer and lyricist. "People believe in the mythology of this place," Casey told Bevan. "They feel like, if they live here, it bestows a certain toughness to their character. That's why I worry about saying that I represent Detroit, because I don't know ... about cars, I like the Tigers but that's it, and I'm not particularly tough. Read Bevan's "His City in Ruins.

-- All the remaining members of Wu-Tang Clan appeared on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on Wednesday, and as Stewart correctly stated, it was an historic evening. The Clan performed its new single, "Ron O'Neal," from the forthcoming "A Better Tomorrow." Watch the interview, and rest in peace, Dirt McGirt.

-- Bad news: Busta Rhymes' new "Swagger Wagon" commercial for Toyota must be seen to be believed. Selling out is selling out, but this is, like, selling out.

-- As Pop & Hiss reported last week, Stevie Nicks is slated to release her new album, "24-Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault," on Oct. 7. It will arrive shortly after she and the rest of Fleetwood Mac start touring again, this leg featuring the return of essential member Christine McVie. Nicks, who will be a coach on the upcoming season of "The Voice," teased "24-Karat Gold" this week with a lyric video for its debut song, "The Dealer."

-- Just what Beyonce needs: more attention bestowed upon her. But that's what she'll get at MTV's Video Music Awards on Aug. 24, where she'll be the recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. In case you missed it, she and her husband Jay Z gigged the Rose Bowl this past weekend -- and Lorraine Ali was there to review it.

-- No site is more polarizing and/or guilt inducing as WorldStarHipHop, the raunchy location that draws millions of visitors for its combination of hip-hop videos and street-fighting. Well, the raunch is going to the movies. As reported in Deadline, hip hop visionary/entrepreneur/Def Jam cofounder Russell Simmons has been attached to a forthcoming film based on the site. Writes Deadline: "Plot is being kept under wraps but is described as being akin to 'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off' in tone."

-- Crate diggers and wannabes: Pay witness to the glory that is Afrika Bambaata's record collection courtesy a Fuse documentary, presented through Okayplayer.

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