Listen now: Justin Bieber and R. Kelly team for steamy slow jam ‘PYD’

Big weekend for R. Kelly, right?

First the R&B star showed up for an unannounced appearance with Lady Gaga on “Saturday Night Live,” where the two singers turned in an appealingly lewd performance of their duet “Do What U Want,” from Lady Gaga’s just-released “Artpop.”

Then, late Sunday, Kelly lit up the Internet with his guest spot on Justin Bieber’s “PYD,” the latest installment in the teen-pop phenom’s so-called Music Mondays series.

Like the other Music Mondays singles, “PYD” (short for “put you down”) goes for a more grown-up sound than Bieber’s earlier material, with woozy synth licks, a shower-steam beat and words about lighting candles in a bedroom. (Listen to the song below.)


The difference, of course, is that this song has Kelly, who assures the object of his affection, “I been doing forensics on your body in this club / And I could tell the way you walk, your body ain’t been touched the right way.”

Is he addressing the same person as Bieber? If so, our young Canadian friend appears to have been seriously out-gamed.

Another point, then, to Kelly, who took to Instagram on Sunday night to direct his followers to “PYD” before seizing the opportunity to plug his upcoming album: “And of course #BlackPanties dropping 12/10/13.”

We’re waiting.


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