Listen to Icona Pop’s new single, ‘All Night’

The Swedish electro-pop duo Icona Pop released a new single, "All Night."
(Fredrik Etoall)

When the ladies of Icona Pop insist in their new single, “We could do this all night,” context clues suggest they mean partying. (There’s some talk of smashing the club.)

But the Swedish electro-pop duo might just as well as be advertising its ability to keep cranking out tunes like “I Love It,” the brain-pummel ling stadium-rave hit whose pleasures are more or less reproduced exactly in “All Night.”

The new song comes from Icona Pop’s upcoming U.S. debut, “This Is ... Icona Pop,” due out Sept. 24, just as the group is wrapping up a North American tour that’s scheduled to stop at L.A.'s Fonda Theatre on Aug. 29.

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Listen to “All Night” below, then head to the BBC to hear an appealingly earnest slow-jam take on “I Love It” by Robin Thicke, who flips the song’s lyric and admits it’s not easy keeping up with these ‘90s chicks.


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