Watch Pharrell Williams’ new ‘Marilyn Monroe’ video

Pharrell Williams, shown here performing at this spring's Coachella festival, issued an apology for wearing a feathered headdress in a magazine cover photo.
Pharrell Williams, shown here performing at this spring’s Coachella festival, issued an apology for wearing a feathered headdress in a magazine cover photo.
(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

After conquering the desert with star-studded sets at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival the last two weekends, Pharrell Williams’ iron-clad grip on the pop conversation continues with his latest video, “Marilyn Monroe.”

The video, which debuted Wednesday, doesn’t boast much of a plot. It does, however, offer plenty of gorgeous women, flashy choreographed vignettes and lots of shots of his beloved, oversize hat. There’s even an appearance by Kelly Osbourne.

Here are five things we learned from watching:

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1. He loves all kinds of women, OK. Pharrell faced some pretty harsh, and woefully unfair, criticism when he released the cover art to his album “Girl,” which featured him and three women all clad in robes and sunglasses. He was bashed online for excluding black women on the cover (one of the models was indeed black, Pharrell confirmed in response). The video shuts up detractors further by showcasing numerous shades and shapes of the female figure.

2. Pharrell really loves that hat. We may be tired of writing and talking about that hat, but darn it, Pharrell has yet to grow tired of wearing it. This time, though, he pulls it out in a handful of vivid hues. There it is in fuchsia. Then it appears in turquoise. Then in red. Oh, there’s a tan one with holes in the side? And of course the black one returns. Sigh. So many hats.

3. Kelly Osbourne is on the song. We never read the credits to see whose female voice offered a quick line on the track. Question answered.

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4. Commercial potential? If Pharrell ever got a deal with Pepsi, he can use part of the video as an ad. The scene in which he grooves in a red, white and blue room with women in matching colors can certainly back a spot for the soda.

5. Leggings will never go away. No matter how much we pray.

Watch the video to “Marilyn Monroe”:


If that wasn’t enough Pharrell for the week, the star plans to issue a digital book on Thursday.

No word on what it’s about, but does it even matter? The man has repeatedly proved he has the Midas touch this year – and we’re barely through spring.