R. Kelly to release a Christmas album

‘Black Panties’ by R. Kelly
Until his Christmas album drops next year, R. Kelly has “Black Panties” for his fans.

If you’re planning to play one of R. Kelly’s recent albums to liven up your holiday parties (and really, who isn’t?), make sure you check the album art first.

That’s because his forthcoming Christmas album (due out in time for next year’s holiday) would be a much more seasonally appropriate choice than his lascivious new one, “Black Panties.”

Don’t mistake the Christmas record as being exactly wholesome, however, he told Rap-Up Interview. “It’s gonna be a lot of lovemaking. ... I come with that bearing gifts.”

The mind reels at the sex-metaphor possibilities that the holiday season will open up for Kelly.  Though we hope he’ll broaden his topicality to include all sorts of cultural celebrations — from Hanukkah (eight nights of passion, etc.) to Diwali and beyond.


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Get a taste of his Christmas-minded work with “Christmas I’ll Be Steppin” off the “Best Man Holiday” soundtrack.



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