Best of 2013: Randall Roberts picks Daft Punk, Earl Sweatshirt

In this time when news is disseminated ever more quickly, we asked our critics to list the best of culture in 2013 in tweet form:

Daft Punk, “RAM” = Robotic French duo channel vibe of Studio 54, “Thriller” & Giorgio Moroder. Perfect clone for new android ears. #getlucky

“Spring Breakers” soundtrack: Dubstep ‘n inst. score capturing spirit of moment just as ‘Singles,’ ‘16 Candles’ & ‘Apocalypse Now’ before.

Earl Sweatshirt, “Doris”: Odd Future rapper’s work marked arrival of smart LA voice “in the midst of a tornado/Misfitted like Clark Gable.”


Arcade Fire, “Reflektor.” Rhythm + Haiti + James Murphy + David Bowie = Tornadic disco-dub-rock. Heavy but buoyantly ambitious and dynamic.

Brandy Clark, “12 Stories.” Pain pills. Aqua Net, cigarettes, lipstick. Pistol. Tokes of pot. Crimes of fashion. Broken dishes. Twang.

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Queens of the Stone Age, “Like Clockwork.” Melodic distortion from best hard rock band on Earth. Mesmerizing, honest, sweet but barbed.

Laura Marling, “Once I Was An Eagle.” British folk rock starring voice with backbone. LP will get 25-year reissue in 2038 to grand acclaim.

Chance the Rapper, “Acid Rap.” Tripped-out reporting of bloody Chicago from teen breakout. Hard but witty, tough but emo. #lsd #cocoabutter

N. Miss. Allstars, “World Boogie Is Coming.” “Sandinista!” of blues from Dickinson bros. Guitar, fife, drum — and Robert Plant on harp.

Kanye West, ‘Yeezus.” Unrepentant, polarizing, furiously minimal, ‘Yeezus’ succeeded despite/because of the ego who built it. #croissants

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