Soundgarden goes goofy in ‘By Crooked Steps’ video


Dave Grohl flexed some serious directorial chops for his documentary “Sound City,” conducting interviews with a bevy of A-list rock stars and somehow making a dusty old recording console seem like an object worth caring about. The Foo Fighters frontman even arranged a jam session with no less than Sir Paul McCartney.

But Grohl may have outdone himself with a new Soundgarden music video he directed in which the perpetually dour grunge-rock veterans appear to be having -- yes, it’s true -- a good time.

Posted on YouTube late Monday, the clip depicts singer Chris Cornell and his bandmates as a bunch of black-leather types who get around on Segways instead of motorcycles. They use the two-wheeled personal-transport devices to roll to a gritty nightclub (Paladino’s in Tarzana, as it happens), where they kick a hapless DJ offstage and blaze through “By Crooked Steps,” a highlight from Soundgarden’s 2012 comeback album, “King Animal.”


Do they get away with it? Kind of. The fans in the crowd look as happy as the rockers themselves. But when our hapless DJ calls the cops -- including one played by Foo Fighters pal Deadmau5 -- those Segways prove no match for a fleet of Crown Vics.

Watch the video for “By Crooked Steps” below.


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