Tidal offers new student discount, Lil Wayne single

Jay Z
Jay Z’s Tidal service has announced a big student discount and a range of upgrades.
(Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)

If personal calls from Jay Z weren’t enough to sell America’s youth on Tidal, maybe a more old-fashioned tactic might: a 50% price cut.

The music streaming service has announced that any account with a valid email address ending in ".edu” (the suffix for educational email) will land a half-off discount across all ranges of Tidal’s service, including the standard-fidelity $9.99 monthly rate and the hi-fi $19.99 rate.

That knocks down the general Tidal service to half the cost of industry leader Spotify, and the hi-fi one to the same price. Now you can chip away at those student loans a little faster, while also getting access to an (admittedly pretty smoking) new Lil Wayne exclusive single called “Glory” to note Wayne hopping onboard as a Tidal co-owner.

Tidal also noted several other new upgrades and services, including a standalone desktop version with gapless playback and AirPlay syncing, which allows Tidal to be connected to AppleTV or any AirPlay compatible receiver or speaker.


The service has also spruced up its mobile app and partnered with Ticketmaster to sell tickets to upcoming concerts directly through the Tidal portal. 

Will all this be enough to win over a younger and broker music demographic, especially as Apple is widely expected to announce its own similar streaming service in the coming days? Who knows. But it definitely wasn’t enough to win over Drake, who at the last minute reportedly left Tidal’s celebrity roundtable and sided with Apple’s service instead.

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