She plays Issa’s best friend on ‘Insecure.’ But what would Yvonne Orji title Molly’s show?

Yvonne Orji talks about what shows she’s watching and how she learned to trust her instincts.

In HBO’s “Insecure,” the show’s perspectives come courtesy of its stalled-in-life lead character played by Issa Rae. But what might the show be called if it took on the vantage point of her rising attorney, dating-challenged bestie, Molly Carter?

Yvonne Orji, who plays Molly on the comedy, shared a few ideas when she paid a visit to The Times video studio this week.

“Molly’s show,” Orji said, “would be called ‘Slightly Insecure,’ [or] ‘Optionally Insecure.’ She has her moments. Or, Molly’s show would actually be called ‘I Need Help’ … or, actually, it would be called ‘You Don’t Have to Live Like This.’ The longest title in TV history.”

While the show explores the struggles of twentysomethings in their love and work dynamics, the friendship between Issa and Molly has drawn attention — particularly because it’s such a rarity of late to see black female friendships on television.


Orji said that the Issa-Molly dynamic was part of the appeal of doing the series.

“There were so many relationships and friendships and, also, portrayals of women of color back in the ’90s that you’re just like, where did it go?” Orji said, referencing shows like “Living Single.” “And then now, there’s this resurgence of, ‘hey, black people can be on TV.’

“When I read the script,” Orji continued, “I just felt like, ‘oh, this is so much fun. … Even the scenes where they get into a fight or they’re cursing each other out, that’s just how they talk. That’s just the level of friendship — that’s the deepness that they have. It’s this sarcastic, I love you so hard … that I’m not going to let you stay in your mess for so long, but even if you are in your mess, we can bounce back because we’re really friends.”

Watch the full conversation below:

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