James Holzhauer isn’t going quietly into that ‘Jeopardy!’ night

Leaked ‘Jeopardy!’ footage appears to show James Holzhauer losing, falling short of Ken Jennings’ all-time winnings record
“Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhauer during his 32-win run on the show.
(Jeopardy Productions Inc.)

James Holzhauer, who was bumped Monday from the “Jeopardy!” throne he had owned through 32 consecutive episodes, went on a Twitter tear after the news was official, posting memes and other self-effacing jokes about his impressive run and ultimate loss.

Through it all, he showed great respect for the new champ, librarian Emma Boettcher. Here are some highlights from his social-media feed.

“CONGRATULATIONS to Emma on a world-beating performance. There’s no greater honor than knowing an opponent had to play a perfect game to defeat me,” Holzhauer tweeted Monday night.

He followed with an explanation: “‘James will eventually beat himself by flubbing one of his big bets.’ Nope, James got his ass kicked straight up by an elite player who nailed her own big bets.”


He retweeted a meme paying homage to Boettcher’s giant-killer status — in it she was decked out as Bane, one of Batman’s worst nemeses.

Then he got a tad snarky, answering a woman who posited that he had lost on purpose because his daughter wanted him to come home and “money isn’t everything.”


“Sure, I could stick around and play a game that pays me $150,000 per hour, but I’d really rather get toys thrown at my crotch for free,” wrote the 34-year-old professional gambler, whose winnings totaled $2,462,216, plus $2,000 for coming in second on Monday. That’s just short of Ken Jennings’ $2,520,700 haul earned over 74 wins.

He admitted that 2004 champ Jennings still holds the top-earnings title, even if it took Jennings 42 more games to get there. Do we sense a Holzhauer-Jennings match on the horizon?

Holzhauer gave the conspiracy theorists a few joking nods, too.

Alas, by the time the 10 o’clock hour rolled around Tuesday, Holzhauer was a little punchy, tweeting out a link to an Onion article about “Jeopardy!” as well as, well, this:


“Jeopardy!” is making Holzhauer’s entire final episode available online through Friday, but if you just want the highlights — beyond the leaked clip that was making the rounds before the show aired — Holzhauer provided a highlight reel as well. Check it out below.

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