‘Planet Earth II’ is coming, right when we need it the most


After an election season that could at its most charitable be described as “divisive,” the viewing public deserves — no, needs — a spiritual palate cleanser.

Enter “Planet Earth II,” the sequel to the eye-poppingly gorgeous 2006 nature documentary that in its day introduced a nation to the power of Blu-Ray technology. A premiere date has yet to be announced, but the sequel will be narrated by David Attenborough and air on BBC One before, hopefully, coming these shores not long after.

The new trailer boasts more stunning, impossibly intimate views of the animal kingdom that includes chimpanzees leaping from rooftop to rooftop as if they were in a “Bourne” sequel, a fox leaping into the snow with Olympic-class grace and what looks to be a lioness attempting to drag down a giraffe mid-stride. (And failing, at least initially. Go, giraffe.)


Given that “Planet Earth II” remains a nature documentary descended from one of the best, it will surely include plenty of narrative flourishes that introduce viewers to some delicate, near-magical wonder of our world only for it to meet some harsh end because that is Nature’s Way. Or, more than likely, uncover a similarly remarkable part of the ecosystem whose very existence is under threat because of humankind’s appetites and/or indifference.

However, the emotional toll of watching either should be well worth enduring for another beautifully rendered, high-definition reminder that somehow, humans haven’t managed to destroy the planet’s raw beauty and brilliance. Yet.

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