Summer TV refresher course: A look back at what happened on ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘UnREAL’ and more


Forget parting -- season finales are such sweet sorrow, especially all these months later when it’s time to remember what they wrought. As summer shows make their return, let us help with the memory jogging.

“Mr. Robot,” USA Network, July 13 (10 p.m.): It was the finale that had our internal dialogue going haywire. Elliot (Rami Malek) faced the reality that the man he knew as “Mr. Robot” was actually his long-dead father. Season 2 picks up with Elliot trying to recall what transpired in the three days during the massive off-screen hack that unfolded. And it seems E-Corp is still up to no good despite the financial hit it took in the finale.


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“UnREAL,” Lifetime, June 6 (10 p.m.): When we left the two at the end of Season 1, Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer) had successfully wrecked what was supposed to be Adam and Anna’s live wedding on “Everlasting,” sabotaging the creator of the series and Adam’s chance of a spin-off series. Rachel and Quinn are back and changing things up by casting a black bachelor (are you listening, ABC?).

“Orange Is the New Black,” Netflix, June 17: To binge “OITNB” is to accept that you won’t remember about 75% of what happened. But it was hard to forget that finale, which saw Caputo (Nick Sandow) blocking the prison guards’ pursuit to form a union by accepting a promotion to run Litchfield. The move causes the guards to walk out; as a result, all the prisoners escaped to a nearby lake. Of course, there are also two busloads of new inmates arriving at the prison, meaning there are surely a few more characters to get acquainted with in the new season.


“Difficult People,” Hulu, July 12: The series, which stars Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner as two BFFs/struggling stand-ups trying to make it in New York City, ended with a Christmas-themed episode that found the two booking a coveted stand-up gig. Oddly (or sweetly?) enough, Billy has to back out due to family obligations and/or his desire to join the Gay Dad Mafia. The new season is sure to have the besties in even more colorful situations, considering its healthy dose of guest stars, who include Nathan Lane, Tina Fey, Debbie Harry, Amy Sedaris, Method Man and Joel McHale.

“Bloodline,” Netflix, May 27: As if the family gatherings weren’t awkward enough, the first season of the drama ended with John (Kyle Chandler) killing his brother Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) and Meg (Linda Cardellini) and Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) helping to cover it up. But that wasn’t even the the dun-DUN-dun moment. The finale ended with a cliffhanger in the reveal of a young boy looking on as the family enjoyed a dinner outside -- a boy who identified himself as Danny’s son. Our reaction practically matched the expression on Chandler’s face in the photo above.

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