Seasonal songs from TV shows we’d like to hear, or maybe not

Holiday cheer
What do these folks have in common? We think they should get in on the holiday recording act.
(Macall B. Polay / HBO; Greg Nicotero/AMC; Ursula Coyote/ AMC; Nick Briggs/ITV)

TV shows, while not typically known for their contributions to music, often rejoice in the sounds of the season.

Last month, PBS’ period drama “Downton Abbey” released a Christmas album featuring selections from cast members that included Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden) singing “O Holy Night” and Lady Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) taking on “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.”

Even after a show ends it can still raise a voice in Christmastime song. John Schneider and Tom Wopat, the former stars of the early ‘80s “The Dukes of Hazzard,” recently issued “Home for Christmas.” The 18 tracks of merry includes old standards like “Silver Bells” but also has fun transforming “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” into the bromantic cut “Johnny, It’s Cold Outside.”

Here are some suggestions for chart-topping playlists from other TV shows, both current and recently departed, that we think should get in on the holiday recording act.



“The Walking Dead”

“Santa Claus Yummy, Yum-Yum Time!” — Terminus Community Singers

“You’re Either the Cattle or the Cattle with Holiday Sauce and Gravy” — Gareth on acoustic guitar


“A Mistletoe Moment With Precious You, Then I Push You into the Zombie Pit” — The Governor

Added bonus track: “A Holly Jolly Katana Sword Christmas” — Michonne and the Chained Twins


NFL’s “Sunday Night Football”

“Cover the Spread” (sung to tune of “Silent Night”) — Hologram Dean Martin and the Buffalo Jills cheerleaders

“Rudolph, Stepped on My Turf Toe” — the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) List Choir

“I’m Throwing the Challenge Flag On That Yuletide Frowny Face” — Bill Belichick and his Sparkling Elves and Fairies

Added bonus track: “Concussed on Christmas Morn’” — Wes Welker & a sleigh full of future co-litigants




“A Merry, Topless Christmas” — Hannah Horvath and her All Nude Band

“It’s Hanukkah and Christmas Time So Get Away From Me! No, Wait, Come Here!” — Shoshanna Shapiro

“All I Want for Christmas Is My Self-Esteem” — Ray Ploshansk and the Suicides

Added bonus track: “We All Have Our Roles and My Next One Is Herbie the Dentist” — Marnie Michaels


“Breaking Bad”


“A Blue Meth Christmas” — Badger and Skinny Pete

“My First Noel at Los Pollos Hermanos” — Gustavo Fring and the Assassins

“O’ Little Town of Albuquerque” — Walter White and the Head on a Tortoise Choral Singers

Added bonus track: “Handel’s Messiah” — performed by Hector Salamanca on his Amazing Silver Service Bell



“Wake Up, Girls, There’s No Santa Claus and the Ducklings Are Dead Like You’ll be Some Day” — Louie

“You’re a Bald, Fat Grinch, Daddy” — Lilly and Jane

“The Little Drummer Boy Who Liked Uncooked Hamburger Meat for a Snack” — Never, the Unusual Kid from Season 3

Added bonus track: “Mennyb¿l az angyal” — Amia, Louie’s Hungarian Girl Friend


“The Roosevelts: An Intimate History”

“A Day That Will Live in Holiday Infamy: Downton Abbey Sings Christmas Carols” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“I’m Picking Up Santa’s Deliveries in the Western Hemisphere and I’ll be Back to Sagamore Hill Before Midnight to Chop Up a Cord of Wood Before Breakfast” — T.R.

“How About You Stay in Freezing Hyde Park and I’ll be in Warm Springs for Christmas This Year” — Eleanor Roosevelt and the Hudson River Dancers

Added bonus track: “Even at Christmas I Still Can’t Forgive You for Marrying My Son” — Sara Roosevelt


“Boardwalk Empire”

“Shall I Blow Your Brains Out Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?” — Lucky Luciano and the Bootlegger Band

“You Looking at Me, Frosty? You Looking at Me?” — Al Capone and the Windy City Saloon Singers

Added track: “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and Other Things” — Jimmy Darmody


“Game of Thrones”

“Let It Snow Because Seriously Winter Is Coming and It’s Going to Get Medieval On All Your Personal Areas. No Kidding. Big Time” — The White Walkers

“A Way With the Mangy” — The Hound

“All Along the Night Watch Tower” — Lil’ Jonny Snow and the Slaphappy Crowes

Added bonus track: “Meet Me by the Roarin’ Bonfire to Drink Your Goblet of Warm Christmas Blood” — Melisandre, the Red Woman


And, emboldened by these successes, the cast of the returning “Twin Peaks” may cut an Easter album with the working title “The Black Lodge Polka featuring Bob.”

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