WWE superstar The Miz talks about SummerSlam and his new movie

Recently, Hannah Mitchell, the 11-year-old daughter of Show Tracker’s “Monday Night Raw” recapper Houston Mitchell, was able to interview five WWE superstars about this Sunday’s pay-per-view event, SummerSlam. Here is the interview conducted with The Miz, who gave his answers via email.

Q: Two years ago, you interfered in the main event at SummerSlam, last year you were in the opening match. How are you going to steal the show this year?

Miz: I will steal the show just by being there. Whenever the Miz is on a show, that is exactly what he does: steal the show. I’m the Intercontinental Champion and I plan on staying that way after SummerSlam. Because I’m the Miz, and I am awesome!

Q: You have mentioned before about your difficulties breaking in. What advice would you give a young wrestler trying to break into the business today?

Miz: I was told by a young Billy Kidman some great advice that I still believe. You have to stick with it. Too many times people have excuses on why they give up. But if you stick with it and work hard enough, you can make it.


Q: You left for a couple of months to make a movie. What’s it about and when can we see it?

Miz: “The Marine: Homefront” will debut in spring of 2013. I think it will be an absolute incredible movie and I can’t wait for its release. It is about a Marine who just got home from a tour and one of his sisters gets kidnapped by terrorists. He then has to go in and save them. I think I play the best Marine of all of them but, of course, that’s just my opinion.

Q: If you could go back in time and pick one wrestler to compete against in his prime, who would you pick and why?

Miz: If I could go back in time I would clone myself and wrestle myself just to see how good I really am. In all honesty, if I had to pick one Superstar to go back in time and compete against it would be Eddie Guerrero.

Q: How did you come up with “I’m the Miz and I’m awesome” catchphrase?

Miz: The catchphrase just came to me. It’s like when people ask me stupid questions and I look at them and go, “Really? Really?” I don’t really know how I came up with it. It was the simplest thing at the time, who am I? I’m the Miz. What am I? I’m awesome. You will see first hand at SummerSlam on August 19!

Note: Thousands of WWE fans from around the world will converge on the Nokia Plaza at L.A Live for SummerSlam Axxess beginning Saturday at 11 a.m., and WWE SummerSlam airs live on pay-per-view this Sunday from the Staples Center. Tickets are available at


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