Late Night: Matthew McConaughey’s proposal didn’t wow Camila Alves

Newlyweds Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, recently appeared in full matrimonial regalia on the cover of People magazine, but as the actor revealed Tuesday to Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show,” the marriage almost didn’t happen.

McConaughey explained how he proposed to Alves, his girlfriend of six years and the mother of his two children. At his family’s Christmas gift exchange, he wrapped up her engagement ring inside a series of boxes and made sure she was the last person to go. When Alves finally opened her ring, McConaughey got down on one knee and proposed: “Will you marry me and take my name?”


Alves, however, didn’t exactly leap at the offer to become Mrs. Matthew McConaughey. “The first words out of her mouth were not ‘yes,’ ” the “Magic Mike” star confessed. Sounding rather serious, he added, “I’m not going to say what it was.” (One can only imagine.)

Whatever her initial objections might have been, Alves eventually “conceded” to McConaughey’s proposal, as he so romantically put it. She even got her way when it came to their unconventional wedding earlier this month. Indeed, it was Alves’ idea for all their guests to stay in air-conditioned tents in their backyard, rather than hotel rooms, for the duration of their three-day matrimonial extravaganza. Guests feasted on sushi and barbecue, but no word on where they showered.


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