‘Breaking Bad’s’ final season to get Comic-Con premiere


“Breaking Bad’s” final season premieres July 15, but the show is getting a special premiere event July 14 in San Diego during the Comic-Con International.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will both be in attendance, along with most of the show’s supporting cast, including Anna Gunn, Jonathan Banks, Dean Norris, Bob Odenkirk and Betsy Brandt. (Basically, anyone in the cast who didn’t have half his face blown off last season.)

While the world of meth dealers and warring drug cartels may seem a little gritty and unusual for the normally fantasy-tinged genre material of Comic-Con, series creator Vince Gilligan has shown an affinity for costume colorations that would do any comic book writer proud.


Gilligan has stated in interviews that he spends a lot of time thinking about and discussing the show’s color palette, including the hues of the character’s costumes. For example, Walter White (Cranston) wore lots of green (a symbol of life) in the show’s earlier seasons, but as the series has progressed, his character has grown darker and so has the color of his wardrobe.

Similarly, his cohort Jesse Pinkman (Paul) started the series in a dark place and wore appropriately dark clothing, but if the patches of green visible in the above still from Season 5 is any indication, there’s hope in Jesse’s future.

And the current viral campaign to promote the final season is definitely something for fans of comic art. Currently chronicled on the site, the series of promotional art being unveiled in anticipation of the final season premiere is being curated by the pop culture art gallery Gallery 1988 and Tyson/Givens Design. Each week, a new artwork is being introduced on the site.