David Letterman interviews ‘Mitt Romney’ (a.k.a. Jack Black)

In recent weeks, David Letterman has grown increasingly vocal about his desire to have Mitt Romney on his show before election day. Last month the host took to the airwaves to insist that he does not hate the Republican nominee, and that in fact he’d welcome Romney and his wife, Ann, on “The Late Show” anytime they’d like.

Letterman has continued to ratchet up the pressure: Last week he half-jokingly told viewers not to vote for Romney until he visited the show, and on Tuesday night, the host even conducted a mock interview with “Mitt Romney” --  otherwise known as Jack Black – to prove just how pleasant a “Late Show” appearance would be.

Black  took to the stage dressed in a pair of high-waisted dad jeans and a pastel button-down – the unofficial presidential candidate version of leisure wear.

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Letterman immediately poured on the charm: “I must say in person you’re even more handsome.”

“What a kind and thoughtful thing to say, especially to a guest who was so reticent to appear on your late-night television program,” Black replied. “Any misgivings I previously had about talking with you have been vanquished!”

Letterman observed that the election is still very much up for grabs, which prompted Black to describe him as “a beacon of impartiality in the swampy wasteland which is the lamesteam media.”

“I regret my ill-advised decision to delay my appearance your program,” he added.

Black made the hard sell to Romney, even plugging the craft services at “The Late Show.”

After taking a sip from his mug, Black exclaimed,  “What a delicious refreshing beverage! Is there no nicety or creature comfort you and your thoughtful staff have not thought of?”

If that doesn’t convince Romney, surely nothing will.


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