Previewing the presidential debate with Key and Peele

Parodying the president is a time-honored pastime of comedians of every political stripe. But for years, President Obama seemed to elude a pitch-perfect parody. Then along came Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who, during the first seaon of their hit Comedy Central Show, “Key and Peele," created the Anger Translator, a.k.a. Luther (Key), who was hired to give voice to the feelings our president (Peele) is too buttoned-down to express.

Taking on everything from the “tea party” to the first lady, Luther quickly became a favorite among fans, which includes President Obama, who admitted that he does need a Luther.  After Season 1 ended and the presidential campaign heated up, Key and Peele bridged the gap with regular “Messages From the President,” which addressed the campaign, the conventions and, of course, the debates, when, after the first one anyway, it became eminently clear that Obama did, indeed, need a Luther.

In the second debate, however, the president appeared to access his inner anger translator, so much so that during the sketch that followed, available on the Comedy Central website, Luther admitted that he may be out of a job soon.

So we sat down with Key and Peele to discuss the life span of Luther, their meeting with the president and the state of comedy in general. Watch how it unfolded above.