‘I don’t hate Mitt!’ says David Letterman


On Wednesday, just one day after President Obama appeared on “The Late Show” and addressed controversial comments made by Mitt Romney in a videotape that surfaced earlier this week, David Letterman also took exception to something the Republican nominee said in the footage: That Letterman “hates” him because he’s been on Jay Leno’s show too many times.

Letterman began by recapping the content of the videotape, doing his trademark, feigned-confusion shtick. “He said, ‘I’m not going to worry about these poor people because they’re not going to vote for me anyway. I’m just going to worry about rich people like me.’ I’m paraphrasing but I think that’s what he said,” he joked.

As for Romney’s claim that the host bears some kind of grudge against him because of his willingness to go on “The Tonight Show,” Letterman was dismissive. “We’re all very jealous and petty and backbiting in show business -- unlike politics,” he quipped.


But from there he struck a more earnest tone. “I just want to say I don’t hate Mitt, and I think now more than ever he and his lovely wife Mrs. Mitt are more than welcome to come on the show,” he said, emphasizing the importance of speaking to American voters via late-night television. “I’m telling you, if you think you’re going to go to the White House, you’ve got to spend time in this chair. We’ll get him in here and we’ll see how it goes.”

Letterman being Letterman, he couldn’t end the segment without getting in a good shot at his nemesis. “I certainly don’t hate Mitt because he’s been on Leno’s show. Why hate a guy who’s suffered through that?”


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