'The X Factor' recap: Season 2 auditions end ... strangely

On Wednesday, "The X Factor" left off on a cliffhanger. Adorable 13-year-old contestant Trevor Moran was nowhere near the stage when he was called to go on. Where was he? Did anyone have "eyes on" him? The crew finally tracked him down lying on the floor, looking weak and pale, with his head on his worried mother's lap. Paramedics were called in. And?

Those of you who guessed he was maybe just a little dehydrated win a prize. A little water and Moran was up and walking around, worrying about getting another shot at an audition.

He got it, though for a moment when he walked onstage – after Simon Cowell told him he only had one shot so it had better be good – it almost seemed like Moran might swoon again. But no, this 13-year-old cutie launched into LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" (either he or the "X Factor" producers cleaned the song's lyrics up just a tad) and brought down the house.

"Well, Trevor, you're not dehydrated anymore, are you?" Cowell said, adding amusedly, "I'm not entirely sure that was age-appropriate."

Cowell and the other judges loved it. L.A. Reid told Moran he "owned" the stage. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato both said he was adorable and highly entertaining. And before Moran collected his four yeses, Cowell made a prediction: "You know what, Trevor, I think you're gonna be remembered for this performance. I do."

Moran, at least, will likely remember the moment for a long time. And mercifully, his mom remembered to hand him water as soon as he left the stage. Stay hydrated, young Trevor.

Moran wasn't the only memorable contestant during a strong final night of auditions. (Yes, no more auditions! Next week, it's on to Miami for Boot Camp.) Here's who else we saw step out and sing:

Owen Stuart: This 16-year-old may have had Cowell and the rest of us rolling our eyes with his constant references to his girlfriend "Tori" (so over the top I almost thought he was making her up), but at least three judges were won over by his freestyling rendition of "Airplanes." Spears said Stuart "didn't wow" her (I agree), but Cowell saw potential, saying he "really, really" liked the teen, and Reid said he wanted him to succeed. Lovato, for her part, posited that all the girls in the audience "really wished they were Tori right now." Ick. Stuart squeaks through with three yeses.

Freddie Combs: This 40-year-old minister said he almost died a couple of years ago when his weight topped 900 pounds. Now slimmed down to a still-not-very-trim 540 pounds and confined to a wheelchair though no longer housebound, Combs said he wanted his voice to be heard. He sang "Wind Beneath My Wings," dedicating it to his "loving wife" of 16 years. Reid called Combs' voice "heavenly." Spears said the performance was "shockingly amazing." Lovato said she was touched by the emotion behind the song. And Cowell made a deal with Combs, saying that if he gave it his all and tried to get back on his feet, literally, he'd earn his vote. Combs eagerly agreed. Reid said if Combs stood, he'd stand by him. And after earning yeses from all four judges and a compliment from one of the stagehands carrying him down the steps backstage, Combs tearfully said, "Receiving four yeses is more than just a stamp for my talent. It's a yes to my future. It's a yes to my health. And it's a yes to every other single person who's been bound" and feels "like their life is over" and "won't be any better." Aw.

Lauren Jauregui: By far the best audition of the night, this 16-year-old Miami high school student came across as sweet and genuine and fresh. And her voice on "If I Ain't Got You" prompted her hard-working dad to tear up backstage and Reid to close his eyes and sway. "And that, Lauren, is how you do it," Cowell said when she was done. Reid complimented her "husky, round … mature" voice and called it a "perfect audition." Spears called Jauregui "unbelievable" and Lovato declared herself to be "really impressed." Four easy yeses.

Jordyn Foley: The season's final audition, strangely, was 12-year-old Jordyn Foley, a round-faced, pigtailed innocent who was spared from Cowell's slaughter by Reid, Spears and Lovato after she sang "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie," a song Cowell especially loathes.  "Tomorrow's always at hand," she told us. "Always look forward to the future." In a startling outcome – and also one that brings relief, because who wants to see this poor child tortured – Foley got through with three yeses. "I can't say no to you," Lovato said. After Foley got the good news - and before her family and friends rushed out to thank the judges -- a flummoxed Cowell barked, "What have you done?"

"Thank you for saying yes," a Foley supporter later tells Cowell.

"I didn't," he says.

But Foley herself is beside herself with joy. "It meant the world to me," she said. "It was the best thing ever."

Hope this seemingly guileless creature holds up OK during Boot Camp.


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