‘The Walking Dead’ recruits Larry Gilliard Jr. of ‘The Wire’


AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is adding another cast member from HBO’s acclaimed “The Wire” series to the zombie apocalypse drama.

Larry Gilliard Jr. will play Bob Stookie, a former Army medic deeply haunted by his past--both before and after the apocalypse. The character is a loner, though he maintains a charming yet self-deprecating facade. In “The Walking Dead” comics, the character was a Woodbury resident (and alcoholic) responsible for saving the Governor’s life after he was tortured by Michonne.

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On “The Wire,” Gilliard played D’Angelo Barksdale, a small-time drug dealer in the Baltimore projects who pays a heavy personal price for his misdeeds.

The actor will be the second performer from “The Wire” to join “The Walking Dead.” Chad Coleman, who played boxer Dennis “Cutty Wise, now plays zombie fighter Tyreese.


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