Super Bowl blackout: What was happening in the control room?

As the millions who were watching Sunday’s Super Bowl are well aware, midway through the game, during the third quarter, the Superdome lost power. While power was eventually restored and the Baltimore Ravens won, viewers had to be wondering about the sudden pressure put on the broadcasters during this unexpected glitch in the most-viewed TV event of the year.

Well, now they can see for themselves, thanks to a well-timed interview “60 Minutes Sports” correspondent Armen Keteyian had with the NFL’s senior VP of events, Frank Supovitz, and Director of Strategic Security Jeff Miller. Keteyian was in the CBS control room inside the Superdome with his “60 Minutes Sports” cameras when the power went out inside the dome and was able to capture the reactions.

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Anyone expecting lots of f-bombs and people running around screaming will probably be disappointed. The moments after the blackout were no doubt tense, but judging from the clip aired on “CBS This Morning” on Monday, the people with the pressure on their backs seemed to handle things with a sense of calm.

On Monday, CBS Sports’ Sean McManus told The Times that the loss of power was “a surreal situation.”

He went on to say that “"We were asking everybody at every position what was happening, and the fact of the matter is we just didn’t know,” he said.

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While no definitive cause for the blackout has been determined, a joint statement issued by New Orleans power company Entergy and the owners of the Superdome pinned the blame on a piece of equipment that detected an anomoly in the system and shut down power by opening a breaker.

The full story of what goes on behind the scenes during the Super Bowl will air on “60 Minutes Sports” on Showtime on Wednesday.


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