2013 TV Upfronts: Christian Slater, the star who won’t go away

Christian Slater, again? Really?

If there’s one thing that TV audiences have made crystal clear in the last few years, it’s that they don’t like TV shows starring Christian Slater.

In the past three years, the “Heathers” star has been in three series on three networks -- NBC’s “My Own Worst Enemy,” ABC’s “The Forgotten” and Fox’s “Breaking In.”

They all bombed.

But after three strikes, Slater is not out. Not by any means.


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He’s starring in ABC’s midseason “Mind Games,” alongside Steve Zahn (“Treme”). They play brothers who run an agency that deals with clients’ problems using manipulation.

Maybe “Mind Games” will be able to manipulate viewers into accepting Slater as a TV star.

Slater, whose movie career these days consists mostly of independent films and straight-to-video releases, has accepted the realities of his track record.

“All structures are unstable,” the actor said in an 2011 interview while promoting “Breaking In.” “To delude myself into thinking I’m invincible at this stage of my career would be absurd. There’s no rhyme or reason to what works and what doesn’t. It’s really up to the real Oz.”

But if Slater becomes a four-time loser with “Mind Games,” he might make a wish that Oz works at CBS.


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