Patrick Stewart explains his lobster Halloween costume to Jon Stewart


It turns out we can thank Patrick Stewart’s wife for the seemingly unending stream of joy that comes from the “X-Men” star’s Twitter feed.

The actor appeared on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” on Thursday and Jon couldn’t wait to show the photo Patrick posted around Halloween time showing the former “Star Trek” star in a full lobster costume reclining in a bathtub.

It turns out the costume was purchased by Patrick’s wife, jazz singer Sunny Ozell. And it was definitely presented to him against his wishes.


“We were going to a Halloween party,” Patrick related. “And I had explained to her, I am an actor, we do not put on costumes!”

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But when the lobster costume was brought out of the box, he couldn’t resist putting it on. And then one of Ozell’s musician friends suggested he get into the tub.

Previous online adventures with Stewart and his wife includes a video showing a very, very relaxed-looking actor explaining to Ozell the rare and extremely complicated actorly move known as the “quadruple take.”

Patrick also suggested that the lobster costume was not even for Halloween at all, but that perhaps he was in Toronto, maybe doing something with crack cocaine-smoking Mayor Rob Ford.

He also had a radical theory about scandalized elected officials like Ford, whom Jon Stewart had spent a good deal of the preceding segment mocking.

“Maybe they’re not politicians,” he actor suggested. “Maybe they’re actually comedians, but they have bad script writers.”

Jon Stewart responded the only way he could: “You just blew my ... mind.”

All in a day’s work for the man who is sometimes known as Professor X.


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