Amy Poehler is not Pitbull in new web gag

It's one of the more silly web gags to hit the Internet lately, and even its star, Amy Poehler, seems to know it.

In a new "Billy on the Street," which is hosted by comedian Billy Eichner for the Funny or Die website, Poehler dons a paper mask of the rapper Pitbull while Eichner drags her around the streets of New York City screaming at random passersby.

"That's not Pitbull! It's Amy Poehler!" shouts Eichner as Poehler pulls up her mask grinning from ear to ear and sometimes jumping up and down.

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Reactions range from genuinely excited to totally blase.

"Oh hi," one guy in a suit says nonchalantly to the impish "Parks and Recreation" star as she laughs giddily. (Eichner also co-stars on the show.)

The video lasts for just over two minutes, which is about all you need to giggle and then feel slightly ashamed for finding the gag funny.

But, hey, what else are you going to do for a little harmless Tuesday morning comedy relief?


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