Marie Kondo helps Jimmy Kimmel declutter and find what sparks joy

Even the rich and famous can use a hand tidying up.

On Tuesday night, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel invited the esteemed queen of all things organized and clean, Marie Kondo, to help him sort out his life… er, his office.

“We’ve been doing our show for 16 years. I’m a pack rat. I’m a slob, too, and I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff,” Kimmel said to his audience.

So he invited Kondo to do with him what she’s done for millions across the globe: help him figure out what sparks joy in him and get rid of the rest.

Upon Kondo’s arrival to his office, Kimmel prefaced the tidying spree with a confession: “I had a nightmare about this the other night… I dreamed you came into my office and started destroying my things.”

Laughing, Kondo clarified through her translator that he’d be doing all the hard work and that she wouldn’t force him to throw anything away.


As she does in her widely popular Netflix show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” the Japanese organizing consultant commenced the purge by directing Kimmel and his assistants to kneel in his office, silently and with eyes closed, to thank it and its possessions.

“I’d like [my office] not to look like a rumpus room,” Kimmel said of his vision for the office.

Section by section –– from his dressing closet with its vast collection of identical black socks, to his office floor, where he stacked a mountain of books, to his desk, where he keeps a yellow Wiffle bat signed by Magic Johnson –– Kimmel, with calming guidance by Kondo, decluttered his office.

And in the process, he found more than he expected: a pair of missing black pants and a dead cockroach.

“I was worried you were going to come in here like the Cookie Monster just destroying everything,” Kimmel repeated.

But in the end, his emotional stability had improved and his office was… well, questionably more organized.