As Anthony Geary exits ‘General Hospital,’ fans share memories of the Luke and Laura wedding episode

Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Laura Webber (Genie Francis) in the famous “General Hospital” wedding episode.

After nearly four decades, thousands of episodes and one unforgettable wedding, Anthony Geary -- perhaps better known as Luke Spencer -- is exiting "General Hospital."

When Luke was wed to Laura (Genie Francis) on a 1981 episode, it drew 30 million viewers -- a record for soaps that still stands -- and was felt far beyond the borders of Port Charles.

With Geary leaving, we asked fans to share their memories of the classic wedding episode on Facebook. Here are their unedited memories:

Pam P. reveals that she "missed work for the wedding," adding that it was "One of the wonderful things to happen on tv."

Wendy F. also admits to playing hooky, saying, "It was before VCRs I faked being sick so I could go home early from Jr High and watch the wedding!"

Meanwhile, Bethanie M. "Watched the wedding episode in the t.v. department of the Fashion Island J.C. Penny. Every secretary in Newport Center seemed to be crowded in there and we may all have been late back from our lunches."

Not even students of higher learning were immune to the charms of the matrimonial event.

Judy C. explains she "Watched it at the student center with every other student on campus. incredible!"

Likewise, SA Roberts says, "every high school and college student had their eyes and ears gluded to a tv set during the Luke and Laura days back in the late 70's & 80's. I was one of them"

Charlotte B. calls it "The most beautiful wedding ever on tv. Laura is gorgeous and Luke very handsome with all that hair. Such a site to see all the people there then and now, proves that beauty does get better with age. i saw this episode with my mom, wouldn't miss it for the world." She also added some kind words for Geary, saying, "Luke take care of yourself and lots of luck on your retirement."

Finally, for Nicki W., watching the events unfold on the screen was nothing less than "the best summer of my life."


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