Seth MacFarlane impersonates Liam Neeson on ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon took full advantage of the elastic-voiced talents of Seth MacFarlane on Monday night on “The Tonight Show.”

On the couch to promote his upcoming movie “Ted 2,” in which MacFarlane supplies the voice to the sequel’s foul-mouthed star Teddy Bear, Fallon brought out his “Wheel of Impressions” game. In the bit of improv, both Fallon and MacFarlane are randomly assigned a celebrity to mimic and a subject to riff on. 

The segment opened with MacFarlane, famous for his many voices on animated hits such as "Family Guy” and “American Dad.” He drew action movie star Liam Neeson and his subject was Time Warner cable.

In a spot-on raspy Irish accent, MacFarlane leaned into the camera and spoke with mock graveness.


“I have a very particular set of channels,” said MacFarlane, mocking the Irish actor’s dialogue from the “Taken" movie series. “If you’d like to purchase these channels, I’ll come to your house and install your cable and that will be the end of it. If you don’t, I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you." 

Not to be outdone, Fallon next drew Jerry Seinfeld with the topic of Uber from the show’s “Impression Generator.”

“What’s the deal with Uber,” began Fallon in a dead-on impression of the comedian known for focusing on the minutiae of life. “You get in someone else’s car and they’re offering you gum and mints. We’re doing everything we were told not to do as children. We’re literally getting into a stranger’s car lured by candy. Have we learned nothing, people?"  



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