Adam Sandler and Bob Barker restage their ‘Happy Gilmore’ fight


It’s been nearly 20 years since Adam Sandler traded punches with Bob Barker in the film “Happy Gilmore.” Now Sandler and Barker are back for an on-screen rematch. But this time, they’re doing it to raise money for the autism charity event “Night of Too Many Stars.” And though Barker is 91 now, his fighting style has gotten only nastier.

Set in a hospital, Sandler and Barker waste no time in digging in tearing open those old wounds. For those who don’t remember, Barker won the big-screen fight handily. And it seemed as though it was Barker who was itching for round two.

“I’m fine,” Barker said to Sandler. “But you, you’re looking old. How old are you, 60?”

He continued, “You’re looking chunkier than the soup.”

Believe it or not, Barker’s insults quickly become so filthy, we can’t even go into them here. Trust us, Barker’s got a mouth on him.


From there, the fists and prosthetic limbs fly free. But don’t worry too much about Barker. He handles himself well and appears to have a stunt double for the really tough stuff.

There’s even a full bedpan gag and a mouth full of sprayed Ebola. Just in case you thought middle-aged Sandler was moving toward a more nuanced, verbal sparring style of humor.

Meanwhile, nothing seems to defeat Barker. Even in the afterlife. He’s a machine.

The “Night of Too Many Stars” event will air on Comedy Central on Sunday night. Hosted by Jon Stewart, the event this year will feature appearances by Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Louis C.K., Larry David, John Oliver, Amy Schumer, Martin Short, Larry Wilmore, Sarah Silverman, Bill Burr, Steve Buscemi, Andy Cohen, Ilana Glazer, Gilbert Gottfried, Abbi Jacobson, Maya Rudolph and Susan Sarandon.

The full clip can be seen here.

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