Adam Sandler recalls cheetah scare on ‘Late Show’

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Most of the time, when a celebrity comes on late-night TV with their amusing anecdote to relate to the host, they have only their words to paint the picture. But Adam Sandler actually had video evidence of his story when he came on “Late Show With David Letterman” on Wednesday.

Sandler, who is promoting his summer comedy sequel “Grown Ups 2,” talked to Letterman about his recent family vacation in Africa and how a trip to a private safari almost ended with no hope of a “Grown Ups 3.”

Sandler was giving a drink of water to a cheetah when the animal suddenly and unexpectedly lunged onto his back. The trainer quickly pulled the cheetah off Sandler. Apparently, no one had told him that he shouldn’t lean too far over with the water.


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But what makes this little story more entertaining is that it was captured on video. And though Sandler admits to being quite nervous at the time, he manages to come off pretty good. No superstar tantrums for having an animal violate his personal space.

Letterman seemed a little dubious of how Sandler ended up that close to a cheetah in the first place, muttering, “This doesn’t sound legal.”

Sandler also let slip a strange insight into the life of a highly paid movie star when he mentioned to Letterman how his son thought the giraffes in Africa were taller than the ones Sandler had once rented for their backyard. Giraffes in the yard? Even Letterman seemed a bit bemused by that one.


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